Ray Goodwin



I have had more than forty years of introducing people to, and developing people's skills in, mountaineering and canoeing. 

My coaching has sold on its reputation for quality and style and in the canoe my reputation is second to none. I aim to inspire as much as instruct.

I work with a wide range of abilities and ages. If you are a beginner learn from the best, save time and effort later..

The Book: second edition

Paddling with Children

Flat Water and Lakes

Running Rivers


Poling, lining & tracking


Canoe Country

Over 900 photos many of which are in sequences or photo montages.

Price: £17.99 (inc postage in the UK)  See the Book page for details.


What I offer

Photo courtesy of Ray Mears


As a dad I know the expense so the price is worked out per adult and child is free. Check prices page for details.


Below is a blog of a private trip I ran on the river:

The Spey in May

A wee trip I did in 2012

Dee in a Day

Booking for 2018:

I have teamed up with Frontier Bushcraft to run a range of canoe courses.  Click on the links below for details:

Canoeing Expeditions in in the UK and Canada

You can sign up for more information on joining Paul Kirtley and myself by clicking on:

Ray & Paul’s big adventures

This year’s trip to the Bloodvein is now full but in 2019 we are off to the Missinaibi. Weblink below:


Canoe Leader Training:

5th to 7th March 2018

14th to 16th May 2018

5 to 7th Nov 2018

a three day courses to provide extra river time.

WWSR Course

12/13 May 2018

Canoe Leader Assessment:

17/18th Nov 2018

Advanced Leader Canoe Training

26-28th Nov 2018

Paddlesport Instructor (Coach 1) Training and Assessment


Downcreek Paddles

I have a selection of their paddles as

demos and have also helped in the

development of a couple of them. They

are as awesome to use as to look at.

Now paddling a Venture Prospector in CoreLite X